Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Exploring JSR310 - prep for coding

Where to get the code - prep for coding

The HG source repo in OpenJDK is here :hg clone
or you can just :
run > hg clone threetenjdk
(beware this is the entire JDK, big)

Or just download the latest OpenJDK 8

Project home

Project home is :

Mailing list

 The mailing list for the project is here :

 Getting it built

The project is built with Apache Ant.
run >ant

At the time of writing it produced one JAR

Java docs

Java docs are hosted on the OpenJDK site :

JSR 310 Use Cases

It's alway nice to see that a piece of software has use cases attached.

Installing artifact into Maven

>mvn install:install-file -Dfile=threeten-0.7.0-alpha.jar -DgroupId=javax     -DartifactId=time -Dversion=0.7.0-alpha -Dpackaging=jar

In my next blog

I will publish some source code of the issues addressed in JSR310 compared to the current Date and Time API.
I will do this via JUnit4

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  1. A backport is also available for JDK 1.7 that isn't too far behind OpenJDK